Monday, July 27, 2015

Then & Now

Recently I stumbled across an excellent photo/postcard collection of Taiwan from yonder year. I am a big fan of Tainan, a city in the southern half of the island; So have decided to go to some of these locations to take current photos to compare against the historical counterparts. The first thing I wanted to do was download an mobile app that would facilitate this desire, only to find that there was either no free app to do so, or no such thing at all. Well here I present a prototype for such an app.

Example and/or Goal

Here is a photo I took in Tainan, and it's historical counterpart I found on the internet. I tried to get a close match, but unfortunately at the time the road was quite busy and wandering around in between speeding cars to find a perfect angle was not as a high priority as I initially imagined.

Demo on CodePen

(The app will ask to use your webcam if it is present. A similar question will be asked if using your mobile.)

See the Pen Then & Now by Pat Cullen (@patcullen) on CodePen.

If you're interested..

A full-page (unlike the pen above) linkable version can be found at On my mobile I have created a shortcut to open this in my browser, which is the closest I am probably going to bundle this into any mobile-app form.

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