Tuesday, September 22, 2015


What is this?

This is a simple pseudo 3D rendering of a heart. The little buzzing pink dots will zip between points and choose a new direction at each point. Sweep your mouse across the heart to swivel the heart.

The Chinese phrase 『愛老虎油』 literally translates as "Love tiger oil",.. but then it's not supposed to be literally translated. This is a play on words, or sounds of the words to be more exact. The pinyin transliteration for the Chinese looks like "Ài lǎohǔ yóu". Sometimes when a Taiwanese speaker says these words in Chinese, using a very thick Taiwanese accent, it sounds remarkably similar to "I love you"! Google Translate does a very mediocre job of pronouncing it - Click through and click the speaker button on the grey translation box.

See the Pen I Love You by Pat Cullen (@patcullen) on CodePen.