Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting a Chinese Visa in Hong Kong

Herein lies details on how to find the Chinese Visa office in Hong Kong from the metro/mrt. It is not difficult to find if you know where it is.
The first time I went I ended up walking around in circles because I didn't know exactly what I was looking for. Following is a description of the fastest route I found to the office from the metro.
* Take the blue line on the metro to Wan Chai Station.
* Go out Exit A5.
* Walk straight out the exit and follow signs toward the Convention Centre.
* Follow the walkway over about 3 roads.
* Before entering Immigration Tower, turn right and go down stairs.
* Walk 50 meters through courtyard, keeping the road on your right. You should approach the corner where there is a crossing.
* Go over the road towards the bridge.
* Once over the road, keep left and go under bridge, not up the stairs.
* Once under the bridge, cross over the road twice and you'll be right there by the entrance to the Visa Office.

Further warnings and info:
* No big bags are allowed through the front door. So basically, if it's got wheels, it's probably too big. Back packs and hand bags are okay.
* You need to pass any small bag you have through a security scanner so obviously don't take anything too dubious with you.
* At the elevator go to the 7th floor.
* On the 7th floor, walk in and turn right and tell the guy you want a visa. He'll give you an application which you need to fill in completely (he will check).
* Once application is filled in take it back to the chap that gave it to you and he'll give you a number.
* Once you have this number you wait for your turn to hand in your application at the front.

Hope that helps someone, someday.

The visa office is in that shorter white building in the middle.

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