Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook Chat Translation

I present to the world my latest invention, FBChatAT. A Facebook Chat Inline Auto Translation tool for Google Chrome. (If you don't use Chrome then click here, install, and be set free.)

Download FBChatAT Here

This extension acts/translates in two ways:

When you receive a message in Facebook Chat, the extension will automatically translate that message into your native language, then insert the translated text underneath the original message. This allows you to review/read the original messages and translation simultaneously while you chat.

Secondly.. To type in your native language and have it automatically translated out: An extra textbox is provided at the bottom left of the screen. Type into this box your text will be translated and shown in the space provided above. If/when you are happy with your outgoing message, press 'enter'. This will push the translated text into the current active chat flyout/window. Press 'enter' a second time to push the message into the chat stream.

The default native and foreign languages are English and Traditional Chinese respectively. You can set your preferred languages in the options page of the extension. (Right click FB button in toolbar and choose options).

You may find the full source for this extension on GitHub.

This extension uses Google Translate for the translation.


Unknown said...

Hey, I don't think this works any more... Are you going to update it? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi, It had stopped working on my machine for about two days aswell. I was just about set to sit down and fix it, when it started working again 0o... Must have been a change either in FB or chrome that was temporary... I have no idea. If it's still not working for anyone else out there then let me know :)

Aakash said...

Its no longer wOrking on Chrome....can you please fix it?

Unknown said...

Hey, Google have slowly been axing a lot of their free API's, the language API being no exception. This is probably the cause of the problem, and if it isn't,.. I'm not going to try resolve the problem if it's already been officially doomed by Google anyway. Sorry for the bad news.

Unknown said...

hi googol i ned fece book onlinchat hendi to english how can doit