Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Non Fuzzy Face Cyclist

I'm often travelling around the world in Google Maps Street View. From the Eiffel Tower to the The London Eye. When Street View first hit the Maps product I was absolutely amazed.

Since first reading about all the legal and privacy ramifications of this technology I've had a personal quest to find a person that somehow missed the fuzzy face filter. Up until now it's been a very unsatisfying search - thank you Google; But today I'll be collecting my quest points and moving on. The following cyclists face was found after reading Google's post on their trikes and the new LegoLand footage. Even though its not a fully disclosed face, its the the most clear example of one I have come to finding.

Guess they missed this because of the glasses. Maybe on purpose as well, but if that's the case then I'm kind of surprised because it's surely safer (legally) just to blur faces with glasses or any other obstruction as well.

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