Saturday, April 14, 2007

My JavaScript Development

Well, I've been playing with the Mootools library a bit now. I have to admit that before mootools, javascript was a little scary to me. I have successfully created about three business applications using RPC techniques - but what a hack. Although XML is such a universal wonder, its a bit of a chore to work with sometimes.

With mootools, it all gets better. I believe the Mad 4 Milk guys have really made a well designed package. Now with the event of JSON, Javascript RPC's become a brease.

I've traditionally used ASP-VBScript as my server side language; Now maybe I haven't googled hard enough, but it's impossible to get hold of a VBScript JSON interpreter (and Im too lazy to do the work myself). So my new development platform now consists of JSP, Javascript and faithfull MooTools.

I thought I'd start a page of Javascript 'experiments' mostly using the mootools library. Every now and then I get that 'I wonder how to do that' thought,.. so I thought I'd share any examples I happen to make. Hope it helps someone someday,...

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