Thursday, February 22, 2007

Distributed Processing System

So - if I want to build an AI program that can respond in real-time and act really clever and learn and things like that, then I reckon I'm gonna need a really powerfull PC and some darned well honed programming skills. Well I'd like to think I have both but in reality those can both be put to question....

I pretty much know I'll never get my hands on an uber super PC or server - yeh, money doesnt grow on trees in South Africa either.. So I've started wrapping my mind around building a massively distributed and parallel processing system. In the end these prove to be more powerfull in terms FLOPS they can process per time anyhow. But the challenge to myself is to build one that can receive input, process it, and return output all in real-time.

A list of existing projects similar to this and their purposes can be found here -

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