Monday, February 18, 2008

South Africa, creatively backward.

So this post will sound a lot like a rant. It's kindof a rant, but it's meant to be more of a self directed challenge. Why does South Africa always seem to be 3 years behind? Now I understand there will be industries that SA is ahead in and others where it is behind, but in general I tend to hear of SA trying to catch up in stead of leading the way.

The industry that I'm passionate about is web design and marketing. When I browse the web it is very evident that technology has greatly accelerated and is allowing all sorts of new opportunities to deliver content over the line. With the ever growing awareness of web standards, it's actually relatively easy now to create a standards based web design that looks and functions effectively; Whereas in the old days they mostly either looked good, or worked good, but rarely both.

So what about South Africa. Well who knows, maybe it's not South Africa, maybe it's just Durban,.. perhaps just my employer; But as it appears to me, around here, the general interest in new technologies and the benefits thereof doesn't seem a high priority among long standing business's. I find it frustrating to just sit back and do what the guys before me always did, just because 'that's how they did it and it seems to work just fine.'

So what do I want? I guess I'd like to see some South Africans take the podium when it comes to declaring the new web standard, or delivering a first in a certain technology. These two things pertain to my industry, but this would be great for any business or social advancement. I feel like all the talent got left in America, Germany, Sweden, and a dozen other European countries. What happen's in South Africa? What does the world see? Corruption, crime and broken down politics. Lets see some radically different people. Lets leave the past in the past. Learn from it of course, but lets progress. The last thing I think we are losing are dreams and creativity. I find a lot of people these days are actually plain boring.

Lets develop some ideas and dreams. Lets turn these dreams into industry, social and business advancements that help our communities and our country advance.
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