Monday, November 26, 2007

So I Joined Facebook.

Well,... it happened. In some ways I still don't know why. I joined Facebook. There; It has been said and done. I do have a few good reasons I'd like to remind myself of.. At work I've been asked to make a 'mini Facebook' for a local college so that the old-girls can keep in contact. Now the only way I'm gonna learn what these young ladies will expect out of their website, Is to dive head in here and explore Facebook for myself.

Secondly,.. I'd be silly to deny the huge growth that Facebook is experiencing. Growth = $$$. I'm keen to see where I can lay my programming hands in ways to either make money or self advertise.

Of course,.. to all my friendlies: I joined Facebook because I love networking soooo much. If you know me well you know how much I talk. Really though,.. I'm sure I'll enjoy at least some measure of social networking here.