Monday, May 21, 2007

Why I won't join social networks

Online social networks seem like all the rage lately. With the event of mySpace, xanga, facebook, classmates and well the other 100 services available - it seems unusual to find a person that isn't on at least one of them. Some people I know would even claim to have a profile on each!

I have searched deep inside my soul and come to these two reasons why I believe it will be a long time before I join a social network.

1) It's a time muncher: These days I find time is a precious commodity in my life and social networking (or the admin of it) would just eat away at time I never had before anyway. This blog and stumbleUpon take about all the time I care to spend networking/communicating on the net. (This blog was never even meant to be public anyway - It was originally designed as a type of personal jotter; Somewhere I could record ideas and URL's to interesting pages that I could reference in the future.)

2) This is the unspoken of, but everyone knows that they do it thing.. I believe a good portion (dare I say majority) of social network users find it a race to add as many 'friends' as possible to their profile. I suppose this is relative... some people will have many and some people will add friends slowly,.. but in the back of their minds they are all just dying to see their friends list grow.

So unless I needed to join one for a specific collaborative purpose, (or I won the lottery and could sit at home all day) I dont think I'll be on your friends list anytime soon ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Crazy Ping Pong Ball Technique

This is the craziest ball skills I've ever seen.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Modest artist

I found today. Fun. Theres a cool feature to save and replay what you did afterwards at 10x the speed,.. I wish I was really that good with a mouse!

Here's my first drawing:

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

So, What Size and Type of Font Should I Use on My Website?

By far the two most common types of fonts currently used on the Web are the serif font, Times New Roman (TNR) and the sans serif font, Arial. The question is, which one is more legible and at which size? ...

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